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God, I still haven't had time to reply to this post! Maybe this weekend?

Sorry for my scarceness lately, the new job actually has me working. Actually, it's really nice to be so necessary and have so much to do, refreshing, yet at the same time, changing my down time habits.

And, it's all about the plants so....
Your Paphs

Bob Wellenstein said:
1&2 are Paphs and Paphs.

3 has been in planning in my mind for years, and hopefully will come to reality in the next couple of years, and that is a greenhouse devoted to SA cloud forest species. I already enjoy growing various mosses, and a cloud forest orchid greenhouse will combine them with a huge group of orchids I am fascinated with.

Bob, when are we likely to see your new flowerings on your website again.
I for one spent what seemed like hours viewing the pics. They give/gave a great insight into the next generations of seedlings to buy.
1. What orchid or orchids did you really develop a love for early in your growing experience? I would say I'm still early in my growing experience since I basically started just a year ago. But, I absolutely love Paphs and Phals. Now I have a little thing going on for neos! :D They're such great space savers.

2. What do you really focus on growing now? Paphs, Phals and Neos

3. If you had unlimited funds, and a greenhouse the size of a football field, what would you fill it with?Paphs, Phals and Neos. And Cyps and phrags after I learn how to take care of em
1. The story is that when I was born my mother was given three complex paphs by her best friend. I guess paphs have always been around. The first orchid that I bought was a Saint Swithin, I spend few years on bulbophyllums before going back to paphs and phrags.

2. I am really trying to limit my collection to phrags and multifloral paph species. It is my sincerest hope that one day I'll be knowledgeable enough to pass down information to a younger generation.

3. Ummm....football players. :p

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