Watching the lunar eclipse - anyone else?

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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
It's very cool. It makes me think about ancient cultures and what they would have (and did) think of these special events. Pretty amazing, really!

I think there are three planets surrounding it (the moon) as well, right now. Reminds me (for the second time in a few days) of the movie Dark Crystal.

Something must be up in the universe this week. Too many odd coincidences going's starting to freak me out a little bit.
Good night for blowing up a satellite to flex our national muscles too. :) Errrr, I mean to protect an ocean full of helpless creatures from falling debris and fuel.

it was too cold for me last night to go out and watch....the fireplace was going full blast.
I think there are three planets surrounding it (the moon) as well, right now.

News article said that Saturn was on one side of the moon and during the full eclipse the rings of Saturn could be visible with a telescope. Anyone see the rings?
It was too cloudy in NJ last night to see any rings but the eclipse was cool. I thought there was something about the planetary alignment spelling the end of the earth or something...
We had single digit temperatures, which meant clear skies. I was driving home from work, it was interesting to see the changes in a 70 minute drive!
It actually got perfectly clear for the peak of the eclipse....could also see Saturn and Regius. Checked out Saturn with binoculars...not strong enough to see the rings, but enough to give it a rather cross-shaped appearance.....Eric

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