vini - Paph Hsinying Viny (Pulsar x Ruby Leopard)

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Dec 7, 2006
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Edmonton, AB, Canada

Paph Hsinying Viny (Pulsar x Ruby Leopard) is one of my darkest paph I have so far. Even the top of the leaves have red pigments. The colour is accurate, maybe less green in the middle. This grex has also been used for breeding of other vinis too.

The bud was attacked by mealie bugs but it still managed to bloom. The bloom size is only half of my other maudiaes, and form really poor (cupped and twisted), plus the dorsal has broken colour. Hopefully its flaws are not genetic, but due to those pests. I ended up cutting off the bloom yesterday so that the plant can send new growths and bloom again next year, hopefully with a better bloom.
the intense green spot is nice, I wonder what it looks like under black light.