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The founders of this forum want you to know when there have been changes to the rules of the forum. You should not be kept in the dark about what is expected from you here. Anytime changes are made, I will post the changes in a new thread, making it as obvious as possible. As always, the rules are up for debate. Don't like a policy? Let me know by email.

Update to the forum rules are as follows...

Changed the first rule to now read:

1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Name calling, rudeness, extreme profanity and posting of pornography are actions not welcome here.

Added a fifth rule:

5. In the event that a forum member becomes abusive to another member, they will be warned twice to stop the activity and apologize. On the third instance of name calling, teasing when asked to quit, or trolling a member will be suspended temporarily while the forum admin attempts to talk to them by email. If a solution can't be reached in private, the member will be suspended permanently. We are not out to ban members, but we have to have a policy in place in the event a member becomes abusive.

I hope you find these rules fair. If not, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and we can discuss your reservations.
Trolling is an internet term for a person who signs up on a message board for the sole purpose of causing trouble. They will often start posting hateful messages or posting innappropriate photographs. It was derived from those types of people being called "Trolls."