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On this forum, we allow members to speak their mind without the fear of moderation or banning. We don't even like to think about moderating this place. Unless there is a problem that requires attention, this is how it will always be.

There is a problem.

Some of our members have the incredible luck of being able to see orchids growing in the wild. They have been gracious enough to share photos of these orchids with all of us. Some of these orchids are rare and endangered, and some are very common.

There are laws in place that prevent the collection of wild orchids on public land and state parks. There are orchid preserves where not only the orchids are protected, but the access to them is restricted to prevent Joe Orchidhunter from picking the spot clean. I would even challenge you to think long and hard about buying orchids that have been wild collected, and the possible negative impact that may have before you do so.

The solicitation of members to dig up and sell wild orchids, through this forum, will not be tolerated. With this in mind, I have updated the forum rules to include the following...

6. We have many members here who post photographs of wild orchids both in the U.S. and abroad. DO NOT ask any forum member to collect wild growing plants for you. The collecting of wild growing plants may possibly be done legally, but asking someone to dig up orchids and mail them to you is not the correct process. If any member ignores this rule, and continues to solicit illegal orchids, they will be banned.

I think this is a strong measure, but this forum will make a stand and not allow members to use its internal workings for possibly illegal activities. Feel free to discuss.
I fully agree. no room for lawbreakers. and as you said, even if it were legal in certain areas, it should be abhorrent for responsible slipper growers to condone wholesale collection from the wild.

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