Up to the Lake District via Worcester and Chester in 2007

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Oct 23, 2006
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In 2007 we travelled to the Lake District which is without any doubt one of the most scenic places in UK. On our way to the North we stopped in the region of Worcester and Chester. Here are some photos of all these places.

Worcester with remains of the flooding damages of River Severn few weeks before we arrived.
03386_07.07.31_ Worcester_Severn Flooding.jpg

03387_07.07.31_ Worcester_Severn Flooding.jpg

03388_07.07.31_ Worcester_Severn Flooding.jpg

Worcester Cathedral
03393_07.07.31_ Worcester_Worcester Cathethral.jpg

Famous timber-frame houses in Worcester, first the Greyfriars
03408_07.07.31_ Worcester_The Greyfriars.jpg

second Tudor House
03410_07.07.31_ Worcester_Tudor House_1.jpg

and a view over the again peaceful River Severn
03412_07.07.31_ Worcester_River Severn.jpg

Stratford upon Avon
The birthplace of William Shakespeare
03424_07.08.01_ Stratford upon Avon_Shakespeare%27s Birthplace.jpg

Harvard House
03427_07.08.01_ Stratford upon Avon_Harvard House.jpg

Anne Hathaway Cottage (Anne Hathaway was Shakespeare's wife)
03435_07.08.01_ Stratford upon Avon_Anne Hathaway Cottage.jpg

Pub The Black Swan and The Dirty Duck (depends which door you take to enter the pub)
03436_07.08.01_ Stratford upon Avon_Dirty Duck and Black Swan.jpg

03437_07.08.01_ Stratford upon Avon_Dirty Duck and Black Swan.jpg

Shakespeare's tomb inside the Holy Trinity Church
03438_07.08.01_ Stratford upon Avon_Holy Trinity Church_Shakespeare%27s tomb.jpg
Leigh Sinton-Telford
Leigh Court Barn - was built in 1325 and its construction is stil original
03451_07.08.02_Leigh Sinton-Telford_Leigh Court Barn_1.jpg

03453_07.08.02_Leigh Sinton-Telford_Leigh Court Barn.jpg

Iron Bridge Gorge
Built in 1779 and was the world's very firts bridge which was made of iron...... cast iron, steel didn't exist at that time
03459_07.08.02_Leigh Sinton-Telford_Ironbridge Gorge.jpg

03458_07.08.02_Leigh Sinton-Telford_Ironbridge Gorge.jpg

Chester Cathedral
03483_07.08.03_Higher Kinnerton-Chester_Chester Cathedral.jpg

Eastgate Street view to the West
03490_07.08.03_Higher Kinnerton-Chester_Eastgate Street.jpg

And to the East
03491_07.08.03_Higher Kinnerton-Chester_Eastgate Street.jpg

And between .... there is no other possibility .... the Eastgate with the clocktower
03487_07.08.03_Higher Kinnerton-Chester_Eastgate+ Eastgate Clock.jpg

Chester has well preserved ancient city walls
03499_07.08.03_Higher Kinnerton-Chester_City Walls.jpg

View from the city walls to the Romans Gardens
03495_07.08.03_Higher Kinnerton-Chester_Chester Roman Gardens.jpg
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In the Lake District most of the lakes are called...... water
We stopped in Keswick at Derwentwater


Borrowdale near Keswick and Derwentwater
03535_07.08.05_Keswick_Borrowdale Wanderung_Castle Crag.jpg

another view on Derwentwater
03563_07.08.06_Keswick_Castlerigg Wanderung_Springs Farm.jpg

Castlerigg Stone Circle ... the small brother of Stonehenge
03570_07.08.06_Keswick_Castlerigg Wanderung_Castlerigg.jpg

03572_07.08.06_Keswick_Castlerigg Wanderung_Castlerigg.jpg

Public boats in regular service on Derwentwater
03577_07.08.06_Keswick_ASHNESS BRIDGE Wanderung_Derwentwater.jpg

Surprise View on Derwentwater
03587_07.08.06_Keswick_ASHNESS BRIDGE Wanderung_Surprise View.jpg

Ashness Bridge ..... obviously the most frenqutly photographed object in the Lake District
03580_07.08.06_Keswick_ASHNESS BRIDGE Wanderung_Ashness Bridge.jpg

and a native orchid growing in this area - Dactylorhiza maculata
03592_07.08.06_Keswick_ASHNESS BRIDGE Wanderung_Dactylorhiza maculata.jpg
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Three Passes Tour
Wrynose Pass .....if you might think it can't get steeper ? ...

03608_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes_Wrynose Pass.jpg

03614_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes.jpg

.....you will experience at the Hardknott Pass .... it gets steeper
03617_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes_Hardknott Pass.jpg

03618_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes_Hardknott Pass.jpg

03623_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes_Hardknott Pass.jpg

Downhill from the Hardknott Pass are the ruins of an old Roman Fort - Hardknott Roman Fort
03631_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes_Hardknott Roman Fort.jpg

03633_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes_Hardknott Roman Fort.jpg

In Eksdale there are roads the same narrow as in Cornwall
03637_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes_Eksdale.jpg

Wast Water .... note the Lady in their swimming suit and she was even swimming (I shivered with my cloths on...)
03647_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes_Wast Water.jpg

03642_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes_Wast Water.jpg

03643_07.08.07_Keswick_Tour Via Three Passes_Wast Water.jpg

Hornister Pass .... the last one of the three passes
03761_07.08.12_Keswick_Lake BUTTERMERE Tour_Honister Pass.jpg
St. Bees Head at the Irish Sea
03670_07.08.08_Keswick_St. Bees Head Tour_St. Bees Head.jpg

03673_07.08.08_Keswick_St. Bees Head Tour_St. Bees Head.jpg

03675_07.08.08_Keswick_St. Bees Head Tour_St. Bees Head Costal Path.jpg

Lake Buttermere ..... at two different days
03682_07.08.08_Keswick_St. Bees Head Tour_Buttermere.jpg

03775_07.08.12_Keswick_Lake BUTTERMERE Tour.jpg

Carlistle Castle in Carlisle ....close to Hadrians Wall which is not far away from the Scotish border
03701_07.08.09_Keswick_CARLISLE_HADRIANS WALL Tour_Carlisle Castle.jpg

03706_07.08.09_Keswick_CARLISLE_HADRIANS WALL Tour_Hadrians Wall.jpg

03710_07.08.09_Keswick_CARLISLE_HADRIANS WALL Tour_Hadrians Wall.jpg

03726_07.08.10_Keswick_ULLSWATER Tour_Glenridding Pier.jpg

I walked from Glenridding via the summit of Place Fell (657 m above sea level) to Howtown .....
03735_07.08.10_Keswick_ULLSWATER Tour_Glenridding_Place Fell-Howtown_Place Fell.jpg

The way back I rode on board of The Raven
03753_07.08.10_Keswick_ULLSWATER Tour_Glenridding_Place Fell-Howtown_RAVEN.jpg

Heather in flower at the Kirkstone Pass
03795_07.08.13_Keswick_Lake WINDERMERE Tour_Kirkstone Pass Road.jpg

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