Two more paphs that Donna photographed the other day.

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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA

The above photo of Paph. Mem. Larry Heuer is made by crossing emersonii with malipoense. What I find a bit different on this one is that the colors are leaning more toward yellow rather then the light green.


At the moment this is my best bellatulum. The two clones used in it's breeding were '#7' crossed with 'purple rain'. I never used to like bellatulum, but now find them interesting.
Bob, what you probably have is not Memoria Larry Heuer but rather (malipoense x hangianum). At least one Taiwanese nursery has been sending lots of hangianum hybrids to the US labeled as emersonii hybrids.
I sort of thought that may be what happened. Today at the Parkside Orchid Festival I bought a Pinocchio x emersonii from one of the vendors. It has not flowered yet but the leaves look like hangianum. Only time will tell. The price was right as well as the size so I figured I'd gamble a little.

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