three phal species

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Jan 22, 2008
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elmer, nj
I took these pics last month; snapshots of plants in my light stand carts. It was hard to find sunlight around that time so I decided on some quick pics. Since I was using flash and there were two flavors of fluorescent light bulbs in the stands it's difficult to resolve the color balance! The colors are pretty close, just a little off.


this is a new phal schilleriana that I received in trade a year or so back. It's only a small seedling with a few leaves so there wasn't much plant to show, and the photo angle could have been better... I couldn't tell if it had any fragrance which I'm hoping for


I may've shown this stuartiana before; it's from rice's orchids and is from an outcross of one stuartiana with I believe stuartiana 'chocolate drop' am/aos. It is a very reliable bloomer considering when it wants to flower is during the ufford homestead 'cool season' (winter). this year the mealys were attacking the flower buds and I sprayed them a few times with hydrogen peroxide, so a few buds fell off


last year my plant had two spikes, but plant was stressed alittle and lost a few leaves so this one spike is fine


I posted this last year; after discussion I thought that it might be a hybrid between mariae and deltonii (bastianii), but it flowers at the same time as many other bastianii and I can't really tell the difference so am calling it bastianii until I can have it proven otherwise. It has a good number of flowers open now and is at the rochester orchid society show in our display (cnyos). I'm still trying to find a true phal mariae (I have lots of bastianii seedlings now, it seems (bummer)); may end up getting some at the redland orchid festival this may through mail order. fingers crossed!
Nice blooms!
I love the mottled foliage on the stuartiana and the schilleriana! Picked up both at our orchid show last month. My schilleriana v. purpurea has a pleasant floral scent.
yes, sort of like the top was let down too far! wish I could end up with a schilleriana that has some fragrance! maybe these flowers will straighten up next flowering and have some fragrance as well

interesting to note that at the gros show tonight I saw that there were a good number of phal bastianii's. mine got a white ribbon in the phal species class, but I was surprised to see a few other bastianii's that had clearly nicer flowers but didn't get any ribbons. my plant has a lot going on with lots of spikes all over and a big keiki but the ones that had nice, clear flowers that a little better shape didn't win ribbons. my plant even had a leaf with two big black spots on it (eek) that I hadn't really noticed when I was rushing around getting things together and set up in our display (which again one blue ribbon for society displays with over 15 plants - yay to jan!)