The trouble with Tribbles (ok Chipmunks)

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Every winter teh chipmonks burrow into my greenhouse. I am an animal lover but they have decimated some exotic tulip bulbs last year and are digging in some companion plants to eat the roots. I have recently discovered nibblations on my Black Paph roots and now they must die. I put out rat bars but had hears they hate strong smell so I was going to heavily spray the floor with a clove rosemary natural insect repellant oil, Any ideas? I do not have a cat and my dog, Mr Otis, would only make friends with them.
Do mothballs work? I can't remember. Put a bunch of them down all around the edges of your ghouse. Get a rat snake? Get a cat from the pound, save him and he'll save you!
I had one get into the greenhouse this past spring. He (she) wreaked havoc! It loves geraniums. I found some of mine eaten and on the floor of the greenhouse. I had all I could take when some new orchid growths had been eaten.
I placed a rat trap (Victor brand) in a corner with peanut butter and caught the bugger in one day. I haven't had a problem with them since.
I would look for the whole that the chipmunk dug to get in. Look closely and you will find it. Seal it up with stones and dirt.

:mad: :mad:
I second the rat traps. I don't know if the bait helps. I caught two this fall in rat traps, but both were ones that I'd spooked and they were running along the walls. In other words, place your traps where the little SOBs run, and it works better. *grin*
We had chippies at the Garden Centre I worked at (many many chippies). They are very tame and they will run circles around you, so we got the idea to set live traps baited with peanut butter. Worked like a charm, over and over and over and over again!:rollhappy: You must relocate them far away.
Good Luck. Otherwise, the bow and arrow works good.:D
This is how my mom does it, and it works like a charm!

She takes a 5 gallon bucket, like laundry detergent or paint comes in, and fills it half way with water. Next take the plastic top off a peanuts can (the very thin flimsy ones) and float it on the water surface. On this lid, place a small pile of birdseed and you're all set. Place it near a ledge or some place the chipmunks have access to the top and sprinkle seeds around it.

The chipmunk will jump in after the seeds and the lid won't support him and he is in too deep of water to stand in and too deep in the bucket to get out and they can't swim so well for long. I think she took out every bulb eating little chipmunk in the yard in about two weeks.


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