TAPS minishow Nov 2006 (Photos)

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Jun 8, 2006
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Brisbane, Australia
Hey all

Last night was truely awe inspiring. I got to see and photo an extremely rare phrag in Australia and see some equisitely beautiful slippers orchids up close and personal. My plants didn't come near close enough but I'm happy I went :)

While TAPS is a rather grandiose name it doesn't have all that many members - it makes up for those numbers with quality plants, for example;

There was this Evelyn Rolke which looked like a sukh on steroids

a diminuitive but perfectly shaped Gratrix

there was the unlikely Gold Dollar by concolor

and an intriguing liemianum x sanderianum first flowered seedling

Paph Myra looked nice enough but didn't really compete with

Paph St Swithin x Landmark

If you can take it there's a couple more. This one is Bengal Lancers x praestans

And the Winner/Champion of the show was a Lady Isabel that was far better than the one at Tweed Heads

Hope you enjoyed the show.


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