SVO New Cattleya List with C. dowiana

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For those Cattleya growers out there, SVO released a new Cattleya species and hybrid list with 4 Cattleya dowiana options, including an aurea: SVO Species Listing

Seems like folks are often looking for these species.
The SVO list is very extensive. I had a shopping list of 12 or so before came to my senses. Be warned!
Well, I got the list from SVO and I got drawn in! I found several compact Cattleya crosses that I just had to have!
Really the mini Catts do not interest me. At 75, I can hardly see them! Ha ha 🤪😃
And I just don’t have the room to grow but a few Standards. So I picked out 9 crosses, ordered two of each, mostly yellows, yellows with red lips and plain reds.
If I had a lot more room, I might have ordered more and gone into pinks and lavenders. But that’s for another time.

There is a Catasetum list due out soon and I have to save both money and room for the future! 🧐😛
Oh good gravy, I did not check the Zygos. I have about 12 of them but only for 4-5 months or so. I am playing with repotting and their overall culture needs under lights. Maybe next year.
Plus, the more time I spend on SVO lists, the poorer I become!!! 😛😭

One thing that I do find is that so many vendors end up selling SVO plants so I might run into some of these in Lansing, Akron, Michigan and in Strongsville. There I hope I can pick up just a plant or two, kind of spur of the moment. Otherwise I’ll spend $300 or so, give it take a million.

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