something going 2 bloom

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Hmmm. Leaves too flat for bellatulum; wrong shape & thickness leaves for delenatii; only one bud, so not concolor... A Brachy hybrid probably containing concolor. Wellesleyanum? Dr. Jack? Do you know, or did you loose the tag?

Yea the leaves are all wrong for bellatulum
Brachysepalum x Parvisepalum probably...uuhhh random guess Paph Pisar or Paph Vanda M. Pearman? ....we need clues!
ok...contest ends...:p n the winner is.......... Jon in SW Ohio!!! :D hehehe... at least that is what the tag says. it had bloomed once before, but the flower lasted less than 2 weeks... :sob: the flower shape is rather weird for conco-bellatulum, though.. :confused: i think it might be (conco-bellatulum) back crossed with concolor. I'll post pics when it blooms...:)