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Jul 8, 2014
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Pennsylvania, USA
Chiu Hua Dancer x St Swithin, deflasked around August 2018

Wössner Kolorand x rothschildianum, this was deflasked late fall of 2018, if memory serves
Paph Madame Casiello Seedlings, these are blooming size, based on the size of the first to bloom
Platanthera blephariglottis, 1st year seedlings

Cochlioda rosea x Gomesa echinata, from a flask John Dunkleberger gave me. Deflasked Nov 2020, big pseudobulb is the growth since deflasking.
1st year Calopogon tuberosus
Paph Triple Bella x micranthum (supposedly). About 2 years out of flask.
Paph Micran Magic, about 2 years out of flask. Slow but steady growers.
Paph philippinense v. roebbelenii, from Woodstream. Deflasked Dec 28, 2016. Broke the stem by accident or it would have bloomed last year.
Another fun thing. Harvested a thaianum pod today. #1 x #4. This is line breeding for fragrance and easier plants. Both parents bloomed less than two years from flask, are good rooters without the need for 70° nights year-round, and both are intensely fragrant (for their size) 859fbe52ca6539cca5a64fcbe7783cc7.0.jpgwith a scent very much like Phalaenopsis bellina.
hand raised for some of that when its available, and if its available...;-) i'll drive out and pick up... and bring beer...
For the mix: Equal proportions of #3 perlite and seedling orchiata to make the base, then mix 5 parts of that that with 1 part crushed oyster shell. Add a touch of charcoal if you want. Plant, then top dress with chick grit or yellow play sand.
As for light, it grows 28in from a 400w Iwasaki 6500k halide in a tight reflector, so very bright. Summer days 16hours, winter days 11-12 hours. Grow hot for most of the year and water frequently, every other day in my 65% humidity conditions. In winter, for 3 months, reduce the water to once a week, but with very high humidity , days in the 70's, nights in the high 40's if you can. For water, I use RODI with Klite and 30-10-10 mixed to 50ppm total Nitrogen content, and feed with every watering. In winter, RODI mixed with some tap water for a total of 10ppm TDS.

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