Some of What I Have Flowering Right Now - New photo 1/06/2023

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Nov 19, 2022
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I thought I would share pics of some of the orchids that I have flowering right now. Both the Catt Walkeriana 'Pendentive' and the Pot. Pop City are incredibly fragrant. Since it is early winter here in Minnesota it is quite nice to have the fragrance and the color in the house when it is cold and snowing outside!Catt Walkeriana 'Pendentive' 4N.jpgPot Pop City NN(1).jpgPot Pop City NN (2).jpgPhrag Nicolle Tower 'Red Riot'.jpg
That's Phrag Nicholle Tower 'Red Riot'. Made by and purchased from Orchids Ltd. The phrag flower at the very top of the picture is actually a second plant, Phrag Millbrook. Also made by and purchased from Orchids Ltd. The five blooms below it are the Nicholle Tower.
That Phrag. is wonderful. The firecracker red is eye catching and so many flowers open at one time. Good
on you! May I inquire where you found the 'Pendentive'? I've been looking for a two growth division to mount
for about a year.
I just checked the Sunset Valley Orchids website and they have several 'Pendentive' divisions for sale. When you get to their website navigate to the Divisions page. They are towards the bottom of the list.