Some more blooming Phals.

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The Mutant

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Mar 20, 2012
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These are most of the Phals that I have in flower at the moment and I''ll show you the species first.

Phal. celebensis. A very small Phal and I was very surprised when I noticed its spike. A first-time bloomer with a gorgeous foliage:


Phal. equestris:

Phal. equestris 'Apari', another premiere bloomer:

Phal. equestris 'Apari' pink, which really should be called "red" instead. Yet another first-time bloomer:

Phal. equestris aurea, one of my favourite variants of equestris and one major bud blaster:

Phal. equestris var. coerulea, a premiere bloomer:

Phal. equestris 'Maria', named so by me so as I would remember who I got this keiki from:

Here's the only primary hybrid that I have in bloom at the moment (it's yet another premiere bloomer), Dtps. Purple Gem 'blue' (equestris x pulcherrima):

And here's my truly crazy complex hybrid, Dtps. Queen Beer 'Tiny Doll'. I purchased this guy in Mars and then it had three spikes and it had a total of 48 flowers opened at the same time. Before these first three spikes had wilted, it started on a fourth, which is the one you see in the picture, and this single spike has 47 seven flowers! Now, it has started on yet another spike, and I'm looking forward to see how many flowers this spike will have:
So do I, but at the moment it's not doing anything but blasting its buds. :mad:
I'll repot it so I can start feeding it properly again then I'll see if the blasting lets up a bit. It's also working on its second spike, so it would be nice if I could figure out how to keep the bud blasting at a minimum.

Darn finicky equestris... *grumbles*
I do love the Phals with spotted leaves/mottled leaves.
Same here which is why I decided to get one of each species with mottled leaves, and all the primary hybrids I can get my hands on. If you know any hybrids/primary hybrids with mottled foliage (except Phal. Wiganiae), you're very welcome to tell me, 'cause I haven't been able to find that many.
Wonderful all!!!!! :clap:

(I see that you hate equestris...hehehehehe!!!)