Smaller than ideal seedlings again

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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Here I go, again!
Slowly, but these babies are growing. They were about 1/3 the current size 7 months ago when I took them out of flask. No kidding! But I was determined to keep them alive (little hope but hope I had!) as it is a rare new cross and I paid quite a bit for them.
I don’t think such tiny underdeveloped seedlings should be sold until the seedlings reach considerably larger size. Oh, well...only my second upsetting experience and hopefully last. My wenshanese being the first in 2016 but they grew on fine eventually.
Hopefully these will also!

Those look really happy at least. The cross also sounds fascinating. Do you think micranthum will be dominant? I wonder given the leaf patterning.

They are finally coming around, but I am still rather concerned. The base of the seedlings where the new roots come out is up in the air, so I have to repot them deeper soon.
With micranthum being 3/4 of the genetic makeup, I would think these will look like a extra large micranthum in bloom.
I have one hangianum x parvi hybrid backcrossed onto parvi, and it looks like a giant parvi in both plant appearance and the flower.

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