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I wash them in very hot water (close to boiling degree). Seems to me its effective. No one got sick afterwards, even when I repotted due to disgusting strange soil illness, that remains unidentified.
I would think just adding a few drops of bleach to your dishwater would suffice.
I usually fill a trash can or other tub with water and add some Physan or Bleach, and let them soak for a while. It's less of a mess in the kitchen.

- Matt
10% bleach solution. make sure the pots are thoroughly rinsed and perhaps even let dry in the sun to make sure all the bleach is gone.
Heather said:
...With my S/H pots from Ray?...

yeh? with her s/h pots or other plastic pots? do you just let them cool so they don't deform before moving them? hmmm....
Heather... Heather... I will tell you the best way to sterilize.

Get all your pots into one area, wear goggles and fireproof gloves, then blowtorch the heck out of them until they are a big heap of melted plastic. Now the real challenge is to re-heat and mold back into shape. The good news is you can now custom shape any size you want!

This is also the most effective way to rid of bugs, bacteria and disease (with the exception of mad cow).

Hope this helps!