screw you discovery channel!!!

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Jun 7, 2006
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I was just watching "top ten weapons that changed the world" on this pathetic excuse for an informative alternative to the trash that flows from my satellite dish and boy, what a crock of sh$%!!! I agreed with NONE of them except the AK-47, which they had at 7 instead of 1 or 2 where it should have been. Plus they had the Nimitz class carrier at number 1..... umm can we say U-boat??? I would think that changed the world a hell of a lot more. grrrrrrrrrr.
It's about Force Projection, these shows are influenced by what we're going through in the middle east and that's why there are so many war based shows on TV now.
i know, but thats such crap. whats going on now is nothing compared to the world changing power of the weapons of WW2 and the cold war.
PHRAG said:
Was "nagging woman" on there? :) That brings me down every time.

No, but i think my wife was first runner up for the number 10 spot.
Mark said:
Did they even mention rifling?

no, but thats really not a weapon, but a modification to make a weapon perform better, plus they limited it to the past 60 years... or they would have had to mention the trebuchet and bow and arrow.
bwester said:
plus they limited it to the past 60 years

Yeah, they totally did that so they wouldn't have to include the hydrogen bomb. I don't necessarily blame them, though. That'd be kind of a tough one to tackle.

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