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Just wondering what forum members who grow paphs and phrags in s/h, grow Parvis in...not in s/h I imagine?
I grow all my parvi hybrids in CHC heavily cut with diatomite, spongeroc, and charcoal. A few hybrids and all my species (Fumi's Delight, Fanaticum, micranthum, delenatii) are in bark. I must admit that I like the moisture retention characteristics of the CHC mix a lot better than the bark. However, I'd recomend growing delenatii in bark due to its natural acid substrate.

Edit: I grow everything in bark or CHC, so I guess I shouldn't have replied. Oopsy!
From what I understand, semi-hydroponics is a trademarked name for growing plants in an inert wicking medium. Whether or not CHC is inert can be debated, I suppose.