Ryyncholaeliocattleya Carol Wood FCC/AOS grown under lights ( in a greenhouse).

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David B

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May 2, 2022
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On Saturday April 13th 2024, I received my first First, Class Certificate at AOS judging. The plant was purchased from SVO approx. 18 months ago. My 7' x 27' hobby greenhouse is set up with large mature blooming size plants hanging above and small plants on a bench below, with 12 hours daily lighting supplied by Mars Hydro TS 600 obtained from Amazon in the $100 range. The overhead plants make this lighting necessary as they essentially block 80% of incoming light. All plants in the greenhouse benefit from the buoyant humid atmosphere and good air movement. I had published this plant in FB on March 30th, and noted that this plant may be special. I had done some research regarding awards to plant parents and similar crosses in the AOS Orchid Pro, and felt that the plant competed very well and also had some superior qualities.
The flower size, form and color were all essential contributors to this award of a very solid 92 points. Posted for your inspiration. Cheers.


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It was a very special moment when this award was announced at judging (where both David and I were on the same ‘other’ team).

It is the 5th FCC of our Center (after my FCC to the charlesworthii album, which was number 4).

I turned to David and said ‘Welcome to the exclusive club!’ 😉🤞.

Well grown and spectacular. And well deserved to a fantastic grower after so many decades!
A substantial difference in coloration. I assume that David’s photo was in the greenhouse - but under lights or just natural light? The show photo must have been artificial light indoors?
Indoors florescent yes in judging room.

DaveB pics in natural morning sunlight (yellow cast) I think.
Stunning colouration in David's photos as well as in Lelie's photo ..... excellent form and stance ... so a well deserved award. Congrats ! 👋