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Hi All,

I purchased this phrag on ebay as a "Ruby Slipper." Can anybody tell me what it is? The vendor has not returned my call after sending him the photo's of the flower.

Thanks, Claudia


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The flower is cute, but very tiny. It is two inches from the top of the petal to the bottom of the pouch. I am not sure if it is a Ruby.

Thanks, Claudia
Definitely not Ruby Slippers....It seems that a lot of plants with that name were incorrectly labelled. I bought one years ago from grew quickly, bloomed out to be anything but Ruby Slippers...looked like a cross between pearcei and longifolium as a guess....Take care, Eric
Not Ruby Slippers [caudatum x besseae] petals too short, color too pastel. Looks more like Eric Young type [besseae x longifolium]. Is the throat of the pouch solid or spotted?
Hi Eric,

The throat is yellow and spotted. Also, the flower is a bit lighter (pale) in person.

Thanks, C
I was thinking Olaf Gruss; however, the pouch, when compared to Olaf Gruss is much narrower... I am not that familar with the Franz Glanz and Ecua-bess.

Thanks, C
Here is our plant....


The flower is no bigger than 2.5 " and less than 3 " tall very small.
Wow Tadd! That does look like the same flower!

For some reason my flower only lasted about two to three days. It was very cute and dainty.

The vendor is going to replace the phrag with another RS. I can't wait! I love those red phrags! And I allways wanted a RS.