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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
It took me an hour to get to work when it would normally have taken me 15. The artery roads in my neighborhood had puddles about a foot deep. On my way to work I had to avoid huge water puddles by going on the grass, thank goodness for 4 wheel drive. I saw about 4 people stuck in the mud. The LIRR is shut down. Northern State and LIE are both closed. Flash flood warnings have been extended to 1pm.

Lovely weather were having in the northeast corridor.
It's like 1000 degrees in the Midwest! We should have a national water distribution system to alleviate flooding and drought, instead of wasting money/lives in Iraq.
Yep! I agree totally! What a waste of money and lives... What is going on in our country??? Very sad...
I was discussing the stae of the Govt. last night and one of my colleagues stated only the US Coast Guard and National Weather Service haven't been destroyed by idiot politics.
Eric, I can't even go there... My health insurance is up to $760 per month (think about how many nice phrags I could get!). The middle class in being murdered by this administration. They should all go to prison and then hell. But, we should not go there... Sadly we are just hostages for a few more years.
A few more YEARS???? please no!....Its only 18 mos until Jan 20 2009....now if only we could find better candidates who aren't in the pockets of corporate interests!

And as far as the National Weather Service not being affected, just think about how they are stimied by this administration and their "ostrich with its head in the sand" approach to global warming.

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