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Jun 10, 2006
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Germantown, Marlyand (D.C. suburbs)
So im traveling to Ireland for a few weeks for new years/family research/school research/camping/craic! Im going to be sending back postcards to anyone who sends me their snailmail. If you would like email photographic updates as well, go ahead and mention that in the email. [email protected]

If anyone knows of any native orchid species of Ireland, id love to try and photograph them. Please forward any information and ill make sure to try and get some shots.

Ireland? You're one lucky guy. I googled for Ireland orchids but I couldn't find much definitive. I would assume there would be members of Orchis and Dactylorrhiza. Would any be blooming now?
Yeah sorry about the in and out stuff. My life has been completely unscheduled lately, and i got a cat, and ive got new roommates moving in, etc etc. It seems that about twice a year my life just becomes ridiculously hectic for a bit, then it calms back down to normal. Hopefully soon!