Polystyrene strips as a potting medium

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on this topic though - curious,,,, what ever happened to Diatomaceous rock??
When i finally remove it from plants i do not throw it away, rather i take the old medium, spread it out on a wire mesh rack and let the rain rinse through it and the sun beat down and naturally bleach the material....
given it is out for quite a while, i just store up the old medium and am able to re use it again.... no waste and completely recycleable It came in three sizes fine (about 1/4" average) medium (1/2"-5/8" average) and large (3/4"-1" av.) and it had a consistancy of classroom chalk for example. It is a great product for any plants that tend to want to be feet wet or maintain some moisture without being water soaked.. i also think it has a tendency to keep the root area inside pots a tad cooler, as well. I tend to use the medium size and it has really worked well for my phrags..
I save mine too. The story is that the couple who owned the source in Australia had a nasty divorce and one side destroyed the equipment used in the mines to obtain the material so the other couldn't use it.

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