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Wanted Phragmipediums that bloom often?

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my sargentianum/lindleyanum has been in bloom since March 5 and has lots more buds left. Often... I dunno yet... but for a long time once it gets going, it's kind of amazing.
Yes indeed duckslipper, I have tried Sorcerer's Apprentice and Andean Fire. In fact I have had one of each for 5 years now. And I must say, they seem to be easy to bloom. In fact, Andean Fire has put out a second spike with the first just finishing up! But I still would not call them easy to flower. They just do well in my conditions. Oh wait, I have two clones of Don Wimber and the orange one blooms every year.
But I feel that these are finicky plants, They like good light and lots of water to be happy, or at least it seems that way.