Phragmipedium 'Memoria Dick Clements'

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That is a lovely Phrag MDC. What is your growing mix?
I have a very old clone of this cross and for years neither I or my friend Jay could bloom it. Growth was OK but no blooms so I gave it to Jay. He had the same results, he gave back. Not until I moved it to semi hydro did it take off and start blooming.
Sorry Rick for my belated reply. I grow it in glass fibre, glass wool (I'm not too sure how to translate this from dutch to English).
It has bloomed every year since I bought in 2014. I have split the plant a couple of times over the years and given away the split-offs.
Am not sure how well they did in terms of blooming as I always kept only the original core part of the plant
Looking at the pictures on the web I can't tell the difference between Memoria Dick Clements (which is what it showed on the tag when I purchased the plant) and Rosalie Dixler but maybe Eric can help me with that?

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