Phrag. popowii (syn. warscewiczianum)

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Mar 9, 2007
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Los Angeles, California
19 April

22 April 7:00am

22 April 12:00pm

23 April 8:00am

23 April 9:00pm

24 April 12:00pm

This is the first time this plant has flowered. I am constantly amazed by phrags, the petals are growing a little over 3 inches a day. I'm really interested to see just how long the get. Yay!
Here's a closer view.

Awesome :) These long petaled ones are my favorite Phrags... this is one that I meant to buy from Orchids Ltd last year, but didn't quite get around to it. Maybe this spring, though....

Anyway, I love the progression, thanks for posting them all.

- Matt

I thought that I would update everybody. The pouch and petals have remained that deep maroon. The petals have gotten down to 24 inches, which I am really happy about considering that this is its first time flowering. It grows like a weed, I can't wait until next time. Yay!


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