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I am a new ST member. Some of you have bought plants from me -- thanks.

Just posting photos of some of my better plants. Most are from Terry at OZ.

I posted one here -- a pretty unique flower, I think. I'll let members guess what it is.

Otherwise --I had trouble with image size -- see my photos at

See Phrag photos.



  • March2007 035.small.JPG
    March2007 035.small.JPG
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Welcome, Mr. Chant!

If you use photobucket or imageshack to upload your photos you can get larger ones posted.
The built in software other than that (that you get to by clicking "manage attachments") is kinda crummy.

Thanks for joining us here. If you would like a vendor forum just let me know!
Nice photo. I'll save any comments regarding the plants I have from him for the vendor section. Funny how people get to know someone so quickly, especially where orchids are concerned.

Welcome to the forum. I'm a bit of a newbie here.

kentuckiense said:
Looks like like a white St. Ouen.

Also, welcome! I've been tempted by quite a few of your auctions.

I am clueless,
What is the name of the nursery?
where do I find his auction?

Perhaps, I should ask JC directly?

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