Phrag. Hanne Popow

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Jun 9, 2006
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Michigan, USA
Supposed to be besseae x schlimii, but I think the flower is way too big. It's NS is 3.75" (9.5 cm). My Hanne Popow flavum from OL is 2.75" (7 cm) (

I don't think it's a Hanne Popow. Did you ever purchase cross HP x cwerz. or longifolium?
All I know at this point is what the tag says. I'm trying to gather information from the source I purchased it from. (Boy, is that a bad sentence!)
The person I purchased it from got it from a vendor. This person is trying to gather information. That's all that is important right now.
Yeah, that's no Hanne Popow. Pouch teeth, pouch spots, hairy armpits, etc. However, I do think it is quite pretty even though it has some Himantopetalum or Lorifolia in it.
Even if this is no 'Hanne Popow', it is a very fine flower with a delicate coloring, and of course a great pict. Jean
It ain't no Hanne and it wasn't when I talked to the vendor about it either.

Yeh, she got it from me - I don't have any issues being up front about this.
When it bloomed for me I posted photos and questions about it on SOF but neither Dot nor I are welcome there any longer, so we cannot access the damn photos.

If someone here wants to go do a search, cool - go find the photos. My photo library bit the dust when I upgraded my operating system on my computer.

I'll go through a few old backups tomorrow and see if I can find something more.

PM me if you want vendor info...whom I got it from is not someone I would buy from again, quite frankly!

FWIW, it's a much better blooming this time than when it lived with me!

I don't go about selling misnamed plants but I had vendor confirmation on this one, although, I didn't necessarily believe it.
Heather -- thanks for being "up front."

When it bloomed for you, was the flower spike short like here, or normal size? The first flower was malformed, so I waited to photograph it until the second one opened.

I could contact the vendor, but if he wasn't honest with you, why would he be with me??

I'll probably just sell it to someone who doesn't care what the name is, as a "no-name."
If I would make a guess at what it is (and it is just a guess); I would say Phrag. Hanne Popow x Eric Young. I definately can see besseae, schlimii and perhaps longifolium in there, but if it would be straight Hanne Popow x longifolium, the petals would be thinner.


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