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Nov 14, 2006
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Knoxville, TN
This is a first bloomer I am really Aexcited about. This is a Chuck Acker cross and the parents are Twilight x Waunakee Sunset.


That is a beauty. Just what I expected it to look like. I have the reverse cross (Waunakee Sunset X Twilight). I wonder if mine is labeled wrong or if he really did both.

Thanks for sharing.
Very nice first time!!! If you're excited now - just wait till next year!!!
Eric, the ones I started with were a bit rough and they didn't get going well. I think some fresh plants may be better. I have 2 survivors in S/H and there seems to be improvement. I put a Calurum in S/H at the same time. The container is rapidly filling with roots from a 2 lead plant with one root. Might post a pic of it. There is still hope but the besseae plants and hybrids are hard to get here and are very expensive for the size of plant against Paph seedlings or other Phrags.
Very nice flower -WOW

Hope mine will flower one day . its nice to see a new one and know what your hoping for - some dissapoint you but that one is really special - thanks for sharing - billie
Need to add to last post -

After seeing your wonderful flower yesterday - you revived my passion for my phrags - when i saw it it I thought i've got one of those I think - Ive spent the morning with my plants something I haven't done for a while - when we shifted here 10mths ago - plants have been struggling - but i realise i too have ,because ive not been to any meetings - ( all are a day's trip away )
your flower restarted me Ive got to get up to date with the new names .too
so thankyou I too now am excited about new flowers .
Hi Eric -yes I beleive you would BUT

here in W A unless someone actually walks through carrying a flasK(or 6?)maybe exchange yr 10 students ;). its so hard even to get plants from our eastern states . .state laws are off the planet .-
good growing