Phrag Cape Sunset

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Jun 10, 2006
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North East Tennessee, Z6 , Sunroom, flourecent lig
A huge bloom on this one, a little over 11 cent., pink color, 3 branches , but it is not small grower !!
It is so pretty. I have one labeled 'Cape Sunset' but I suspect the label is wrong, especially after seeing yours. Mine is in bloom now but the petals are much different, quite rounded. I like your much better.
Gilda - very beutiful Paph.

I had a Cape Sunset several years ago. It was yellow inside the lip.
I thought the name Sunset came from the yellow colour.

This is my Cape Sunset. I like the one Gilda posted better than mine. The tips of her petals are much more colorful and they don't droop as much as mine.
pouch is still dark

The pouch on mine is still dark.. I have another bloom just opened,, I will try & get a pic later..I.

This one has just opened another bloom(the top one). The color after one week on the bottom bloom is as good as the color on the new bloom(top). I love the hot pink color on this one !

Like I said it is not a small grower..but it will be most impressive when the branches bloom out too !