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I went to the Phoenix Renaissance Festival with the wife today. It's a pretty large event, with many full size buildings including taverns, restaurants and artisans. We saw the usual glassblowers, potters, arts and crafts, knights, jesters, archers, and wenches with big chests...of silver. I had one amazing turkey leg and a beer for lunch, and came home with a sunburn. The pics...











Oh yeah. I bought a digeridoo! I have always wanted to try one, so as we were walking around, we stopped at a drum vendor. I picked up this didgeridoo and put it up to my mouth and the sound just about made my brain rattle out of my head. I think it wanted to come home with me. : )
The wife also wanted to come home with something. She kept touching his sword. It was very awkward.


My wife and I are RenFesters too. Great fun! Beer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and always sunburn. Did The Rogues (pipe band out of Texas) show up there this year? We REALLY got hooked on them in Marylend, then when we moved to Chicago, they played in Bristol the first year or two then the members started changing and they stopped coming here altogether.

I've got 2 didge' local from an agave, the other from an aboriginal original from Austrailia. My wife has one from Austrailia as well. I haven't taken mine out to play in the greenhouse, but I should. The austrailian didge's sound the best.

BTW, one of the phoenix orchid shows is this weekend. I have a 24 hr alert shift, so I'm having a friend take up plants for a display. If you go, look for the big Phrag Grande I've got in bloom (and the big Dollgoldi). I'll upload pictures on the board later tonight.