Phal. Cassandra 'Little Prince' AM/AOS 84 Points, 1998 March

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Apr 12, 2010
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Southlake, Texas
Phal. Cassandra 'Little Prince' AM/AOS 84 Points, 1998 March

This is still one of my favorite multiflora phalaenopsis. Awarded in 1998. Flower size 4.7 cm NS
From award description "Twenty-four flowers and 48 buds on two arched, branched inflorescences; dorsal sepal and petals white suffused with light purple with dark red-purple on proximal half; sepals white with red-purple dots on superior half, light yellow with red-purple dots on inferior half; lip purple-red with yellow dotted side lobes; substance firm; texture matte."

I got this plant as a stem prop since 2003. It has its up and down, neglected some when I go off looking for new flowers. But it still amazes me with its beauty whenever it comes into flower.

I was preparing to breed with this flower, but I don't know yet what I would like to pair it with. So I took a photo instead. :)

yellow stuartiana - this would be awesome in yellow...
Wow, that is a really wonderful plant! I've always liked Cassandra, but this one is absolutely spectacular.

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