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My buddy Grandma M sent me the cornstalks she was tired of, this is one of them! I can't claim my culture brought it to blooming, as I few days after I recieved it, there's the bud! (Nice going Marilynn!) Thank goodness it didn't blast! All the leaves on the plant have yellowed & fell off but the spike remained! 5flowers, 1 has not quite opened yet.
Cyc. barthiorum 'SVO' AM/AOS x Morm. Colossus 'Ron Kaufmann'
I'm glad you like it and gave it a good home. BTW, Rose, the flowers are very pretty.

I gave these away because, in my eyes, the 'corn stalk like' plants are about as ugly as an orchid plant can get. I grew up on a farm and I see no reason for cultivating mini corn stalks in with my orchids. :pity: Sorry if I offend any of you 'corn stalk' lovers.
I give you the credit! Another thing Marilyn mentioned to me is that they would spike & then blast. The first thing I thought when seeing that bud was - FAT CHANCE! They were shipped bareroot, repotted & put in the GH, nothing like a change!
BTW the others look pretty much like they did when you sent them, they are still holding green leaves!
I am detecting a slight fragrance this evening! I would say it's on the spicy side.