Paph Wössner Armenijack

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Another one blooming at the moment

Paph Wössner Armenijack

Ah, very interesting! Great flower! I see alot of the Paph. jackii influence in it... are the leaves lighter colored also?

Tony said:
Didn't you know the best method of conservation is to prevent it's introduction to horticulture, allowing it to continue in the wild until it's habitat is destroyed for development? :rolleyes:

An expert has discussed with me the main objective for limiting orchid species (especially Subfamily Cypripedioideae) in cultivation... it is to benefit the proffesional growers (sellers). When reknown growers give false reports on wild populations of Paphiopedilum going "extinct", the price for the Paph. species goes up. Of course, we know that many of the Paphiopedilum species are in huge numbers in the wild, even plants of Paph. sanderianum, Paph. helenae, etc... as he mentioned, the high priced, un-selected Paphiopedilum species is a real scam. So really, the proffesional growers and sellers would hate to see Paphiopedilum removed from CITES Appendix I... there could be no true fluxuation in value if listed in App. II...

So it isn't nesecarily CITES that holds these sought after species from cultivation's grasp; it's the growers with false reports to make profit. Also, if Cypripedioideae was taken off CITES App. I, then where would be the real competition in species "rarity"? :)