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Paph. Susan Wedegaertner for Auction.

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
All proceeds go to the forum fund. I'll pay for postage, you just need to mail Heather a check or paypal for the winning bid. I'd like to ship it bareroot.

I've got another one that just bloomed so I don't need two. Here's a picture of the plant when it last bloomed.

It's a multi-growth plant with 2 previously bloomed growths, 1 NBS growth, 2 small growths and 1 start. The cross is (Bella Lucia 'Elf' x delenatii). It is NOT currently blooming or in bud.

I unpotted it to make sure the roots are good, and as you can see there are plenty of nice roots. The leaves are pristine and lots of roots, what more can you ask for:> It's currently very happy growing in s/h, but you can transfer it to any medium.

I'll close the auction probably on Saturday or if the bidding reaches a complete standstill.

Thanks Candace,
I have PO Box setup for use with donations by check or MO. It will cut out the step of Heather having to mail me a check. I will post it when I get home this evening.
O.k. sounds great. Listen to Heather and Blake and if anyone's confused, we can work it out later. Thanks for the bid Zach.
eh 20 20 20 cana getta 25 25 right here 25 cana getta 30 30 dollas 30 30

My auctioneer voice sounded better in my head....
I knew as soon as I saw the flower that Zach wouldn't be able to resist. I wish I could bid. Good luck!
O.K. going twice to Zach's high bid...

Get in any last minute bids as I'll go ahead and close it this evening.
The auction is now closed! Congrats to Zach for winning the plant and thanks for your donation of $27 to the forum!:clap::clap: Please pm me your mailing address!

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