Paph. Stonel Lovely x Ice Castle

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Feb 1, 2007
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First Bloom Seedling from a flask from OZ

Paph. Stonel-first bloomer

Wow-This is a winner! How big is this bloom? Good growing and happy holidays to you.
I have 28 seedlings of this cross and 7 more in bud at the moment. The flower is 4 3/8. The plant is in a 9 cm pot.

I might be interested in picking up one too if you decide to sell some. Where are you located? What kind of growing area do you have? Lights or greenhouse?
Beautiful flower. Truthfully, I can't say enough about the flower. Good color and shape what more could one ask for. I'm jealous that you can grow those beauties from flask. I can't grow from flask to save my life. Put me in line if you decide to sell some of those unbloomed seedlings. But, to tell you the truth, I'd bloom every one of them out and keep the best of the best.
Do you mean Stone Lovely? (RHS has no Stonel Lovely in it's database that I could find -- I wanted to see what was in it. It really is very lovely.)
Yes the cross is Stone Lovely x Ice Castle. I also was lucky enough to snag flasks of Pacific Shamrock x Ice Castle and Pacific Shamrock x Stone Lovely - again all from the Orchid Zone.

To be quite honest I think Paph. Jade Lauren Whales is a better cross than the SL x IC one I posted. Every one I have bloomed so far has been a keeper. I have included one here that I posted last year for comparison - again first blooming - substance is extreme and not even a miniscule spot. I prefer this clone to any of the Mystic Knights I have bloomed or seen elsewhere.

Beautiful indeed, I love the white complex paphs, they really stand out in a bench fully of greens and browns
There are a few nice white crosses but to me Mystic Knights made at the OZ are the best cross but the fertility is an issue.

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