paph seed germination: dark or light?

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Aug 19, 2006
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London, UK
I've come across conflicting information about this. Is it better to give newly sown seed a period of dark before commencing light cycles ?
If the answer is species specific then I'd be interested in henryanum hybrids.
I would tell you to give your Paph seeds very deep shade, very indirect light and temperatures a little higher than needed by the species. When the seeds germinate, you can provide them a little more light.
I had quite good germination rate when I sowed my first Paphs seeds, I put them in almost darkness. Then I failed at the stage of protocorms (bacteria or other pest)
I will try soon with better media and much better flasks :)
I haven't done it in a while, but when I did I would just put the newly seeded flasks up on a high shelf. It wasn't dark, but there wasn't any real light either, just ambient room light in a room without windows.

I don't think you need to give them day/night light cycles until you have done your first replate. That is probably a good time to start.

Like you, I have seen both kinds of advice. I am not an expert having had some success and some failures. My best success came when I put the flasks in complete darkness for 8 weeks, then placed them into light.