Paph. sanderianum 'Walton Ray' x Paph. sanderianum '8016-1'

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Oct 28, 2010
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Did anyone here purchase from Carter & Holmes? They sold out quickly. Curious what others think about this particular cross.
I would have to check tags but I think I got a few of that cross. They had several crosses available this year and I think I grabbed 8 or 10 plants. I haven't seen their stud plants, I'm guessing they're not as cutting edge as the breeding from specialists like Sam or the Taiwanese breeders but C&H is 35 minutes away so I visit periodically and never leave empty handed.
I just checked my C&H sanderianum tags and I have two of the 'Walton Ray' cross, two 'Nature's Glory' x 'Dark Beauty', five 'Raven Cliff Falls' x 'Nature's Glory', and a 'Raven Cliff Falls' x 'Newberry Tresses'.

'Raven Cliff Falls' has an AM from 2004 with 95cm petals.

I don't see any award history for 'Walton Ray' or their other stud plants.

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