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Jun 9, 2006
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Hello All,

This will be my attempt to document growing my first Paph. flask. I have done several flasks of phrags but will be my first Paphs. I have chosen ( Paph. rothschildianum x sib ('Rex' FCC/AOS, GM/CSA x 'MM Best') from Sam at Orchid Inn. The plants arrived well packed and deflasked.

I seperated the seedlings and examind their size and root growth.


Next I potted them up into a single 5" x 5" compot. The mix is 4 parts small CHC, 1 part medium CHC, 2 parts large perlite, & 1 part medium charcoal.


After potting up the plants they were watered, sprayed with Physan and K-L-N rooting solution. Then I placed the compot infront of a fan to dry off the water remainig on the leaves. The compot was then placed in a propogation dome from my local hydroponic store to maintain the humidity around the plants. The compot is lit by my 400w HPS light but placed under the main bench for lower light levels (about 4' below and to the side).

I will try to update the progress weekly for now, and feel free to ask questions.
So you've used coconut husks? That is very interesting......let us know the progress.

They all look healthy to me.
It looks good. I have purchased many flask of Paph rothschildianum flask from sam in the past and they have been all good. Keep them warm with night temperature of 20 C.

Thanks for the Temp recomendation. Currently the day temp is 85F and night is 66F. After 24 hours they are looking good.
They will grow like weeds with those conditions that you have. Make sure you repot them every spring. I water them twice a week under those conditions. Also make sure you have good quality water and a bit of air circulation.

Hello All,

The seedlings have been in compot 1 week. There was one fatality of the very smallest plant... also 2 leaf tips were cut because of bruising from shipping of potting up. Other then that they are doing very well. The humidity dome is being removed for several hours a day to aclimate them. Watering has been done carefully and twice this week with just plain water and KLN rooting hormone. More to come.....