Paph Platycolor

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Love it. NOW Please tell me how long it took to flower and how often it flowers. I have friends with 10 or 12 growth plants of this cross that won't flower, a lot like P. Rolfei etc. I have one seedling of P.Platycolor that with any other cross would be flowering size but I live in hope. Help would be most appreciated.
The tag just says stonei x concolor.

This plant has about 4 mature size growths, 1 previously bloomed and 1 new start. Last time it bloomed was about 18 months ago, but I assume that this was largely due to changes in culture. The plant grows in my living room next to a large sliding glass door. I don't put it under lights at all. My multis seem to like this treatment.

I certainly didn't expect 4 flowers this time around.