Paph Paradise new spring flask list

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Would love to get a couple of seedlings of armeniacum and vietnamense when they become available as individual plants.

Please consider crossing vietnamense 'Tokyo#1' and armeniacum 'Double Magnum' in the near future.
I'd love to have Wössner Vietnam Gold but I never see them offered anywhere.
Beautiful flowers and beautiful leaves on them.
Flasks received today. Impeccable packaging and plants of ideal rooting and size. I have been growing orchids for over 40 years and buying Paph flasks for about 20 years. The flasks I got today were on par with the best I have ever received from Orchid Inn- which has for me been consistently as good as it gets over the long haul along with Paphanatics. Thank you and I look forward to many more. With so many of the greats retiring or no longer with us, it makes me very happy to see someone carrying on with the Paph business and doing it right at all levels.