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This is the quintessential micranthum hybrid. Lovely flowers, lovely color. I had one of these for awhile 20+ years ago. I can't recall what happened to it, but I don't have one anymore. I suspect I got rid of it because I wasn't a big fan of pink flowers back then. I'm still not, but I'm more open minded now!
Nicely done!

I love the flowers but they don't last long for me like micranthum sp itself under my care.
How long did it last? Two weeks? More?
I’m don’t remember how long it had been open prior to me taking the photo. I’m guessing it was in bloom for approximately three weeks. I’m an indoor grower (plant racks in front of windows, natural light) and the weather has been hot and humid so the AC has been on quite a bit, resulting in less than optimal humidity for the plants.

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