Paph In-Charm Topaz (Lisa x Davelle)

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Sep 15, 2008
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Johnson City, TN
First flowering. Photo without flash, using natural sunlight.

Not a tea-cup Paph but pleasing all the same. The plant is quite compact making it easier to care for and display. There are definitely two plants in the pot as there is another flower coming and it is smaller than this one, so I might get a tea-cup after all.

I'm itching to try some hybridization and would like to keep the plant small. But I would like to improve the shape a bit, so I was thinking Barb Hella or Blythe Bartlett (Hellas x niveum). The latter would has the promise of shape and nice pastels and whites.... Straight niveum could be interesting too. In any case I would need a pollen donation.

I thought In-Charm Topaz was helenae x Pacific Shamrock?
Or is this a sib cross of two In-Charm Topaz and those are the parents' clonal names in the parenthesis?
I have (helenae x Olymipian Paradise) in bloom. It looks like a giant helenae flower (but green all throughout) on tea cup size plant. I love the helenae being dominant in the flower shape in these hybrids.
Yes, Happypapy7, this is a sib cross. Sorry that wasn't clear.

I actually like rounded shape but I'm no snob who looks down on the more helenae-like shape of these. It is far from some of the monsters that show up in complex breeding.

I would not say no to having more of these---but different colors would be nice. If my Orchilla ever blooms I will cross that onto this one just to get some bright colors.
FWIW - I have done several In-Charm Topaz crosses and have 2 thoughts for you: 1) in my experience only about 30% of the progeny get the yellow color to come through, and 2) breeding with niveum has a tendency to 'bleach' things, though the complex background in ICT might overwhelm the bleaching.

The bleaching is part of the idea: miniature white Paphs. But the real charm of such a cross is the possibility of getting a range of colors. For that reason crossing to something which is already x niveum might be better. Pollen from something like Paph Little Bright Eyes might be more rewarding.

This one is flowering again -- 3 blooms this year. It is getting more yellow each day. Nice, open, welcoming shape.

I am on the search for pollen to try for another cross. Last time I used the smaller sibling in the pot for a brachy cross. These are now seedlings in flask coming along nicely. If anyone has pollen of another tea-cup Paph to share please PM me. Something colorful would be nice to try.

I have an In Charm Cloud which is the only Paph. I have and is a reliable bloomer. Sadly, it's already bloomed
this year. Of course, if you're looking for more color, Cloud wouldn't be the best choice. Love that halo on the
I'm not normally that keen on complex hybrids, but this one certainly has something going for it. I really like it!

In principle I have and could: View attachment 37135View attachment 37136
But I wonder whether this would be adviceable as a transatlantic enterprise?
Hi Guldal, this is a very nice one, thanks fo showing. Is it a special clone to be that dark?
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It is very pleasing to have so many nice flowers in a small pot. Yay tea cup Paphs!

The one on the left is older and more yellow. The one on the right is newer and greener. They are the same clone. Behind them is a sibling:

It is smaller and just opening up. Its form is much better this year. Last year it looked a lot more like a Cymbidium goeringii. I crossed it to Payakka Kodkod in the hope for smaller, rounder flowers with colors ranging from white to yellow to pastel-orange/pink. Those seedlings are developing nicely in flask.

Ross has kindly supplied pollen for another cross, this time onto the larger flowers.

I am very curious to know what commercial mediums people are using for sowing and replating. In the past I used 1/4 strength MS medium + vitamins/minerals and cococnut for germination, and then 1/2 strength Phytamax with banana and charcoal for replating. The 1/4 strength MS was a chore to make up and the Phytamax caused a lot of protocorm proliferation. I'm currently using some OSP media but wasn't too impressed with germination. Many seed germinated and swelled into protocorms but never went any further.

Happy weekend!

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