Paph. Henrietta Fujiwara

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Another Paph. in bloom. Looks like there should be 4 blooms. This is Paph. Henrietta Fujiwara (primullnum alba x hynaldianum alba). I got this one about two years ago at the MOS Orchid Show.


Thanks for looking!!!
Hi Wolfdog,

That photo was taken right after the bloom opened. Now the petals are starting to stretch out and twirl a little.

I'll take another photo when the second bud starts to open up.

Now, it's looking like it has 5 buds.
Heather said:
Hey! I remember when you bought this one. :)
That second photo it looks like it is doing the hula!


It does! There's also a song out there called "Henry Did The Hula At The Hayesville Hop." From North Carolina by a group called Irons In The Fire.

LOL :rollhappy: :rollhappy: