Paph hangianum seedling culture

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Very good advice... I’ve used all kinds of containers for compots. I find that shallow works best. They do dry out faster but that’s what I want. Growth is directly related to how often you can water. This is not the same as how much water you medium will hold. As you know too much water in the medium will surely rot the roots off seedlings in a short time. I found some heavy duty seed starting trays at a greenhouse supply. They measure approximately 6” x4”x2.5”. They have plenty of drain holes (two levels). I put a piece of Egg Crate Light Diffuser in the bottom with a piece of plastic canvas on top of that. (Plastic canvas is used for crafts) This allows good air flow and prevents the bottom from staying wet while the top is dry. A compot set up like this has about 1 3/4” medium on top of the canvas. For me,in the house, I water every three days or so...
Good info, thanks! I tried searching online for those trays but couldn't find. Can you point me in the right direction?
No problem...
The trays are made by Garland Products in ENGLAND. In the States they are distributed by Greenhouse Megastore:
Item No. CN-GAR-035.
I love them. They last forever.
Very good thread about hangianum culture...I would love to hear the progress of your hangianum seedlings from all of you posted here.

Just a few years ago, I got a tiny seedling from a fun-raising event here, probably only 2" LS when I got it..... now the LS is about 5". For sure it is the slowest growing Paph. seedlings I have ever grown.
I let it grow in the straight seedling bark mix that came with for about a year and a half and it practically did nothing. then I changed the potting mix(seedling barks, sponge rocks, charcoal, and some chopped moss) and it grew better in that new mix. The leaves got greener and shiny, and the root system got better too, but still growing very slowly... Today, I repotted it in the same mix except I used small-sized CHC in the mix instead of chopped moss this time.
It took me over 10 years to bloom my sanderianum from a tinny seedling...I hope the hangianum won't take that long.

Again, love to hear from you all.