Paph gigantifolium

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Jun 9, 2006
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Halls Gap,Western Victoria, Australia
Greetings, I have the chance to obtain 2 large single growth plants of P.gigantifolium. I have read up many websites and books on this plant on where & how it grows. Some of the info varies but is close. What I am looking for is advice from someone who grows this plant successfully and what mix, water, light, MIN temp' req'd etc. My house does get quite cool if frosts are about but hopefully this will be overcome this year.
I have a plant of P. kolopakingii about 45cm (17.5in) L/S and doing well and a small 30cm (12in) roth', slow but doing well. Is it possible that given the P.gigants will be going into the same or slightly improved condition they will grow as do the ones mentioned.
This plant is not grown to a large extent in North America. We are just starting to see flask seedlings for the first time, so any large plants are either imported illegally or are legally held by very few.
I would guess the culture would be similar to the others within in this group of paphs. They like to be warm, lots of light, etc. If you can grow kolopakingii and roth, then this will be about the same.
There are legal mature plants of gigantifolium, with CITES for a couple of years. Treat it more like a chamberlainianum. They do not like too much light, lots of fertilizer and water, and quite shady areas. When given too much light, they start to be stunted. Easy to grow, easy to bloom too. A growth takes about a year to mature, not over 18 months.
One of our Slippertalk members (Lienluu) posted pics on his gigantifolium blooming several months ago. You should pull up that post, and see if there is some culture info on it.

I got some seedlings from Sam Tsui at a show last fall, so he may supply you with some info too.