Paph. exul x Tyke

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Jason Fischer
Aug 26, 2006
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Here's a cute little guy!

This hybrid was made by one of my friends who is local to here and tends to only grow miniature orchids. He won't give me a hybrid name, so I might just have to name it myself!

I absolutely love this little 'Tea Cup' paph, exul x Tyke. It stays very compact and has very petite little flowers. The leaf span on this plant is around 8 inches, so it gets a little size from the exul, but overall is very small.

I'm going to use this (paphreek is using it as well) to create novelty, tea cup and mini complex crosses.



How big is that bloom? I have seen photos of teacup paphs before, but never seen any for sale. Maybe I just don't know enough about them.
It's very cute. Good luck with the breeding.

As I look at my chamberlainianum and primulinum, I wonder why they aren't used more in breeding for the minis?
The flower is just shy of 3 inches natural spread. Dot, you are right, those types should be used more often. In fact, chamberlainianum x spicerianum is absolutely amazing. We've made a few similar crosses so down the road this kind of thing should start showing up!
Beautiful !
As more folk start growing orchids in limited space these guys just
have to get more popular. I have become more interested in small paphs. Indeed I have a Transpicerianum x barbigerum which I bought without knowing what it looks like. In sheath now so I'm going to find out.
Small Paphs


Where can someone purchase some of these ?? Thanks for your time.


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