Paph delenatii 'Melinda' AM/AOS

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Madd Virologist
Sep 16, 2007
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Pearland TX
I dedicated this plant to my wife when it got awarded and she returned the favor by having it tatooed to her back! It's never out of bloom:p I see it every day but most others only get a glimpse if she bends over. I don't understand why, but she wouldn't let me photograph the tatoo 'Melinda':D

LOL @ Heather. "Spread eagle Roth" just brings such interesting images to one's mind... especially for that placement. KAtie's going to get some ink today, perhaps I'll suggest it. LOL
Beautiful delenatii. And that is very nice to name it after someone you love.
One word of caution though, don't name too many awarded plants after you dearest. You may run out of room for tatoos.
Great story about orchids and pain. Can you take a photo and crop it so the um, naked parts aren't shown? We'd love to see it.
Very nice delenatii!

I can see how that'd look great--unusual tatoo, relatively-speaking. I wonder how many people could be suckered into this if an "orchid tattoo" master thread were started? I'm going to stick to admiring and enabling--the partner of one of my best patrons recently got one of my paintings they own redone on his arm. They have yet to share the results with me though. I'm curious to see both! I wish I could pull off a full sleeve--I'll get one if you get that "spread eagle", Heather...

(O.k., maybe not.)
Beautiful delenatii. And that is very nice to name it after someone you love....
But be cautious, don't get tangled with too many different names. Your wife might get suspiciously. :rollhappy:
Needless to say a really beautiful delenatii.
Best regards from Germany, GuRu

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