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Eric Muehlbauer

Does anyone have any info on the "zieckianum"'s and praestans that are being offerred on the Orchid Mall Unclassifieds? I emailed the guy (someone named Djony Panger) and he says that they are shipped from Indonesia...sounds like it would involve too much paperwork to be worth it...I emailed asking about CITES etc...still waiting for a reply. Take care, Eric
I dont really trust that guy. I got an email back from him and it was very suspicious. I think they are probably wild collected and most likely very illegal.
Yes, he emailed me, and they're wild collected and he can't offer CITES. They would be illegal imports.

- Matt
Yeah, he got back to me. He said they were collected, but in cultivation for over a year...no documents needed. I'll definitely pass on that.....for one thing, even if I didn't care about the scruples involved, such a public transaction on CITES protected plants would only be asking for trouble. Take care, Eric